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JE, Fanfic and Y love this way~

This is a fanfiction blog. Most, if not all, of the entries will be my fanfic and they won't be f-lock so you don't have to add me. I do accept friend requests though if you'd like but please comment first and let me know because I won't accept any random friend requests. 

And I hope you enjoy the fanfic~ 

Minna-san, Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! n(_ _)n

 Credit: Bonniez

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Akame Pairing:

One shots

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Other Pairings:


[Uchi/Kame] Wintry Beach (PG)
 Credit: Bonniez

[JE100] Weekly Challenge: Valentine's Day

Unit for Points: KAT-TUN
Number of drabbles: 4
Word Count: 100 per drabble
Characters/Pairings: Akame (with one which is intended to be Akame but could also be Kame/anyone else) 
A/N: Because I like overload fluff and Valentine's just says for that for me xD Hope you all enjoy these as much as I have writing them!

JE100: Valentine's Day Challenge + 2

 Credit: Bonniez

[JE100] Weekly Challenge: AU

Unit for Points: KAT-TUN
Number of drabbles: 22
Word Count: 100 per drabble
Characters/Pairings: Mostly Akame but there are also some generic ones with members of KAT-TUN cropping up here and there. 
A/N: They are all from the same AU so they form a string of events and could be pieced together I suppose... (Do I make sense? lol)
A/N 2: It's growing! *-*

JE100: AU Challenge 1 + 2 + 3 + 4.1

A/N 3: This next one is still for the same challenge (AU) but it's in a different AU

AU Challenge 4.2 

 Credit: Bonniez

[Drabble] New Year

Title: New Year
Pairing: Akame
Rating: PG-13 (because there’s a mention of sex… >.>)
Genre: AU, Fluff
Summary: No matter how old they have gotten, something will never change.
Disclaimer: The two men don’t belong to me unfortunately… -3-
Warning: Un-betaed
This was written ages ago but now that I’ve started a fanfic journal, I thought I should post it up for New Year ^^

New YearCollapse )

 Credit: Bonniez

[Drabble] Of Sunscreen and Okinawa

Title: Of Sunscreen and Okinawa
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya
Rating: PG-13 (Because there’s one swear word.)
Genre: Fluff (especially the ending)
Summary: The young boy cursed whoever thought that stealing his sunscreen was funny.
Disclaimer: No I didn't get them as my Christmas presents *pouts*
Warning: Un-betaed
A/N: This jumped at me when I was writing Wintry Beach, and so I thought I should write it down. ^^

Of Sunscreen and OkinawaCollapse )

 Credit: Bonniez

[Drabble] Wintry Beach

Title: Wintry Beach
Pairing: Uchi/Kame
Genre: Slice of life
Rating: PG
Summary: During a rare day-off, Kame decided to take Ran-chan to the beach. In winter.
Warning: Un-betaed
Disclaimer: Uchi would actually be mine if I own any of them, lol. So, sadly, no - I do not own them. (Please Santa, I've been a nice girl this year!)
Author note: Written as a drabble exchange for randomicicle :) Prompt - Random meeting at a beach. (And sorry for a lame title ^^")

It was the sounds of the waves...Collapse )

 Credit: Bonniez